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01:43 am

Interview With the Vampire Vid



Okay, they used 'My Immortal' by Evenessence - stop rolling your eyes - I did the EXACT same thing - I went into this vid ready to just start barfing or laughing - BOY was I wrong - it's a study of the relationship between Claudia and Louis, and it will break your heart. I had not seen the movie or heard this song for awhile, hence the reason I chose to watch it, and I wasn't sorry - the shot where Louis brushes his fingers over Claudia after she is ash is put in just the right place. There was a repeat of one shot (Claudia climbing into the coffin with Louis- but its cut in half, so it really didn't bother me) and I think the last shot of Louis was a little too long - if it was supposed to make you feel uncomfortable though - it worked. Use of color, or tinting, or black and white was done very well.

So, do what I did, take off the cynic hat and give it a watch.. and yea, have some kleenex handy.

One more thing - BARELY showed Tom Cruise at all - Amen!

I didn't watch it twice - gave it three viewings. 01:28 am


Love the subtitles.. sure -doesn't take me out of the vid at all... oi! And love the HUGE chunks of the movie just kinda slogged in there - the one thing about vidding to a slow song I guess, pacing is an afterthought. And BAD jump cut when Mort is standing outside the house as Amy leaves for work- big ole' JUMP. And ends with a huge wimper... gads, kinda like vidding to Evanessence (sp?)... angst vid with no point and no pacing.. *YAWNS*

Ah... I'M BACK!!! 01:45 pm


07:00 pm

Just a note - I am no longer reviewing QAF vids - maybe in the FAR future - but thats it. When I am seeing too many of the same clips over and over in different vids, I just can't be objective. So, sorry about that QAF vidders.

Another thing - seems people hate me. Or have a very strong opinion. This is a good thing. Its why I am here - to make you think, maybe even make you strive to do better just to piss me off. Great! I started doing this because we all got tired of feedback that was "Oh I loved that!" or something like that. I wanted to maybe give more than just praise - 'I loved it (or not) and here's WHY' kind of a thing. I've only ever heard one negative thing about my reviews, someone said once I was annoying. I don't babble much in my journal here - I don't make friends here - I am here to review as objectively as possible and as I see it. If I vid or not, what my job is, what my dog's name is - not important here. Just vids and the reviews of them.

Any problems?


Let's move on. 06:53 pm

vid by yunafire
Title: Bookends
Song: 'Bookends' by Simon & Garfunkel
Source: The Deer Hunter

Yes, sad - well edited, but there are several technical things wrong - like one frame glitches and some dissolves are bit abrupt, but overall, not bad. It does indeed show the entire storyline of this one Walken character right to the bitter end. In true Yuna fashion, dialogue pops up here and there - and the whole "Mike" thing kinda lost me - I guess I would have had to seen the movie. SUPER short - so watching it a few times is no chore - I know the end is the end, but I almost wished there was something more - like movies, these vids need a character arc of some kind, or you are just slogging clips together - a beginning, middle and end - maybe show him laughing and dancing again to really drive home the saddness. Its almost too short to really get involved with the character. But like I said - not bad.

06:29 pm


06:17 pm

vid by ringwench
Title: Clint Eastwood
Artist: Gorillaz
Format: wmv (zipped file)
Length: 3:26
Size: 10.8 MB
Description: A character study of everyone's favorite creepy guy, Locke.

Not bad - the song is a bit too long, but the clips support it. The cutting is a bit overdone during the first rap verse, the pictures just go far too fast. Its supposed to be a character study but it looks more like random shots strung together that matched the lyrics. With the chorus repeating as often as it does, this one could have used some trimming. If you like show, go for it - if not... blech.'

MY RATING: 7 06:01 pm

vid by yunafire
Its a Christopher Walken vid from the Prophecy - check her journal or email her personally
song: Its My Life - Bon Jovi
fandom: The Prophecy

(She had to send this to me through AIM, for some reason, I am having trouble downloading things from YouSendIt. So, if I have not reviewed a vid here - that might be the trouble. I am working on fixing that problem.)

I remember this movie - watched is cause I liked Viggo's look - but this is gonna make me watch the movie again. Walken just has this bizarre element of cool that the editor really picked up on. Like the song cut, by the way - well done. Few spots of dialogue throughout the vid, and most of them work really well, which surprised me - (also, not crazy about the split screen thing here - just plain ole does not work for me) - Walken's speech about being an angel - yeah, guess it works if you don't want to edit during or cut out the guitar solo, little sound bites are one thing, but long speeches just take one right out of the whole vid experience. Overall, damn this editor's got skillz - I call a lot of people 'vidders' - a term I don't like - but this girl... SHE'S an editor.

MY RATING: 9 (cause of the speech and the split screen) 05:51 pm


vid by whereistheluv
Title: LoVe - Lonely No More
Show: Veronica Mars
Characters: Logan/Veronica
Song: Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
Spoilers: through ep. 20

Back to long shots - so soon? Didn't I just review one with this problem? Long shot of our lovers in the bathroom, then a forever shot of our hero in his boat (or it may have been someother guy - who knows) ... *yawns* more long kissing shots....many many many many many more. When it IS edited, it's done well - but its barely edited. Towards the end, big ole technical glitch of one frame, almost superimposed. The last shots are so plopped in from the show, would have been nice if it didn't JUMP to a wide shot just as the song ends. The one thing that was cool? The watermark in the lower right hand corner. Really made you forget to look there for the TV watermark - well, okay good and bad - good cause you forgot about it - bad because you really had to focus on the vid.

MY RATING: 4 05:24 pm

vid by littlehutt
Song Title/Vid Title: Hope There's Someone
Vidder: Audrey (littlehutt)
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons
Subject : Lost

While waiting for this to download, I painted my house, make 10,000 oragami ducks, regrouted the shower, checked out 10 other vid sites, ran for president, retired, went on an around the world cruise.... is is done yet? Or worth the wait?

Nope. Well the vid is done downloading and I've watched it. Starts with some dialogue with some credits of the show over it - yech. Then we get the story right away. Did I mention the LOOOONG standing in the rain shot yet? And brother... I mean LOOOOOOOOOONG - ain't enough 'O's in the WORLD to cover that word. I thought the blonde died (I am not a fan of the show) then we see her again (I think its her) and she is just fine - I am sure its me... but there are so many long shots here - lots of weeping and wailing shots - looks like shots of the show just tossed in - one cool thing was a quick shot of our hero all bloody over his regular face - nice touch - don't know if that was the vidder or the show... and just when you think (HOPE) its over, we get more dialogue and a shot of the show's logo.

I'm gonna go check to see if the paint on my house is dry - probably ready for a third coat.